Cloud-Based PMS made for you

Designed exclusively for tourism industry, get the best hotel management experience with our service.

Nix Hotels - Manage your hotels online efficiently

Nix Hotels is an online hotel management (PMS) app designed exclusively for Maldives guest houses and small hotels.This application gives you the opportunity to manage reservations, bookings, customers, sales, data and reporting.

Support multiple device

Connect online anywhere, anytime on your PCs, laptops, tablets and smart phones.

Keep data with you

We programmed the application in such a way that the database can reside in your own server.

Agent Management

Manage your agents and their rates and keep documention and track of what happened.

Market Control

Apply rates seasonally and assign to different nationalities, increase profitability by utilizing market focused features.

Booking Management

Manage all your bookings in one place and access them securely from any device.


This is much more than your regular Excel sheets. Use our analytics to visualise the market trends and make decisions.

Flexible Group Booking

Apply rates seasonally and assign to different nationalities, increase profitablity by utilizing market focused features.

Inventory Management

Keep an inventory of what your hotel buys and we ensure everything is recorded to make detailed reports at each month's end.

Staff Access Control

Protect your sensitive information from being misused by your staff. Give them roles and monitor what they do in and outside their office to prevent fraud and loss.

Generate Vouchers/Invoice

Generate invoice and hotel voucher for your customers when they make bookings with you. Update it whenever you want and finally, get everything displayed in your customer's final invoice along with all the other costs.